Suburban Dystopia

    This series of paintings takes the viewer on an American Road Trip. I started with this narrative 25 years ago with ‘Winnebagos on Parade’ and ‘Rushing to Armageddon.’ These early works portray the typical American family setting out on a vacation to see the great American landscape and it’s monuments. The winnebago is a metaphor for all of the creature comforts which this family must carry with them. Rather than engaging with nature, it is being kept at a distance. There is a virtual reality quality to views out the windows as they roll into the western landscape. 

    Passing through time and space the trip begins to take on a more ominous tone. The wide open spaces become marred by suburban sprawl and oil wells. What had been forests are now smoldering ruins. Debris strewn wetlands are evidence of more severe coastal flooding, but a funny thing happens on the way to the disaster. The family becomes more and more oblivious to their role in creating it. They each focus on their electronic view of what is happening. The teenage son falls deeper into his shooter games of virtual reality. The teenage daughter falls deeper into Pop Culture and its portrayal of beauty and acceptance. The mother wants to be in control but no one listens to her except her dog. The husband senses his male privilege slipping away so he grabs for his gun and Bible. 

    All of a sudden they are airborne. Entering the world of the Climate Change Theme Park, they are swept up by a tornado only to land in a raging forest fire. Then the seas rise and they are submerged, about to collide with the Statue of Liberty. Are these disasters man made or just coincidence? Inquiring minds want to know. Is it all a hoax? Just fake weather?

    When science and rational thought are abandoned chaos ensues. They didn’t see it coming. They weren’t looking, too busy constructing a virtual reality as opposed to living in nature’s reality. This planet is all we’ve got and we are dangerously close to entering the event horizon of the black hole of extinction. From this there is no return and humans become a speck on the timeline of the universe.

Winnebago's On Parade, Oil on Canvas, 48"x84"

Rushing to Armageddon, Oil on Canvas, 72"x96"

Monument Valley, Oil on Canvas, 60"x72"

Automatic Pilot.jpg

Automatic Pilot, Oil on Panel, 36"x48"

Just The Way We Planned It, Oil on Panel, 36"x48"

Climate Change Cruise Edited.jpg

Climate Change Cruise, Gouache on Paper, 22"x30"

Lady Liberty, Gouache on Paper, 24"x30"

Doomed Disney Edited.jpg

Doomed Disney, Oil on Canvas, 60"x72"

Mermaid Disaster Edited.jpg

Mermaid Disaster,Oil on Canvas, 30"x42"

Mount Rushmore Island Edited.jpg

Mt. Rushmore Island, Oil on Linen, 30"x40"

Climate Change Theme Park Edited.jpg

Climate Change Theme Park, Gouache on Paper 22"x30"

Out of Control Edited.jpg

Out of Control, Oil on Canvas, 22"x30"

Event Horizon for basel poster final.jpg

Event Horizon, Oil on Canvas, 96"x64"

End of Days Edited.jpg

End of Days, Oil on Canvas, 39"x80"

Sea Monster, Oil on Canvas , 36" x 24"

Draconian Picnic, Oil on Canvas , 42" x 60"

Teen Lust, Oil on Canvas , 36" 24"

Tsunami Hoax, Oil on Canvas , 40" x 60"