Past Exhibitions:

Halloween Horror Show

October 29th - November 12th, 2016

As we enter this Halloween season we should be very, very afraid for there is an evil stupidity lurking throughout the land. The macabre spectre of Donald Trump leading the world is beyond comprehension. His debasement of human values can only lead to oblivion. “The Fascist” is my attempt to communicate the two headed nature of the fascist. One head can say something completely opposite of the other. And yet they are both right. The one head is playful almost comic, while the other is completely sinister. One speaks the truth, the other lies. One hand holds the Twitter account, the other a dildo missile. The twin heads of yes and no. We were warned about the final battle between good and evil in the valley or Armageddon. Has that day arrived sooner than anyone predicted? - Kris Krohn