I Love a Parade!

On Veiw: 5/15/2015 through 6/28/2015

Opening Reception: Friday May 15th, from 6pm to 8pm


On May 15th Guild Greene Gallery will present I Love a Parade!, a show of large narrative paintings depicting the American experience. The first painting, titled 'Pig Parade,' is of a small town in Deposit, NY. This piece is followed by the 'Winnebego' paintings, a series of works portraying the average American family on its way to the great monuments of the West. This procession carries its passengers out of suburban sprawl and into pristine preserves of nature. Human beings love to applaud a spectacle. They wave, they smile, they cheer, but where are they going? All works are by Kris Krohn. 



Guild Greene Gallery

281 Greene Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238