Timeless Interiors:

A Solo Show of Works by Kris Krohn

On View: 5/4/2014 through 7/4/2014

Opening Reception:

Saturday May 3rd, 6pm - 9pm


Guild Greene is proud to present Timeless Interiors, a solo show of large interior paintings by Kris Krohn.


“The Timeless Interiors are atmospheric renderings of spaces that could not exist within our perceived reality. The paintings use interiors as doorways into another reality, a reality in which our perception of time and space is altered by the atmospheric rendering of traditional rooms. The paint is applied in drippy, washy veils of color with large brushes and then details are added to suggest object art and baroque furniture. This atmospheric field creates a mood of mystery and timelessness.


My grandfather was dean of mathematics at Cooper Union for many years and as a child both physics and my grandfather's work intrigued me. I inherited the books he wrote on differential equations. Later, I combined my interests in mathematics and art to create paintings that are visual illusions and represent an Einsteinian view of time and space.”


Guild Greene Gallery

281 Greene Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238