'Timeless Interiors'

Show in Basel, Switzerland

April, 2020

     In this series of paintings I want you to feel that you are witnessing the creation of the Universe. Using atmospheres of color and form I take you through doorways to another reality. Architectural space gives way to outer space and the infinite. The crucible of creation brings forth order but it can also bring about chaos as decay sets in. The tension between these two is what is at play in these paintings. 

Explorer II, Gouache on Paper, 30 x 22

Neptune Blue, Gouache on Paper, 30 x 22

Future Tense, Oil on Wood Panel, 43 x 37

Half Life Chair, Gouache on Paper, 30 x 22

Space Angel, Gouache on Paper, 30 x 22

Space Vapors, Oil on Canvas, 45 x 37

Time Machine, Oil on Wood Panel, 72 x 48

Velour Violence Chamber, Oil on Canvas, 84″ x 68″

Future Perfect, Oil on Wood Panel, 30 x 24

French Bulldog, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 36

E = MC², Oil on Canvas, 42″ x 42

Lust Among the Ruins, Oil on Wood Panel, 48″ x 36

Alchemy of Dream, Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 36

Barbizon Light, Oil on Wood Panel, 30 x 24

Time Warp, Oil on Wood Panel, 40″ x 30

White Dreams, Oil on Wood Panel, 48″ x 36

Black Hole, Oil on Wood Panel, 30″ x 24

Evening Prayer Room, Oil on Canvas, 80″ x 64

Purple Comfort, Oil on Wood Panel, 84″ x 65″

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